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Poisons have been used for the control of pests for many years, most of us have come across them or have used them ourselves. Using poison is a very good way to control pests at a cost which fits most budgets. Devon Wildlife Management have been controlling pests without the use of poisons for many years and have now introduced a range of products and services which gives you the option to move away from the use of poison.

Rats and mice are a constant threat to property, they will get into a building through all sizes of hole looking for food and harbourage. Once they have a foothold they will stay spreading diseases as they move around a building.  Putting  poison down will have the required effect on any rodent ingesting it. This quite often takes several days to take effect, with the pest often taking to the surface to drink, this is when they become prey and when caught they slowly poison the predator. Here at Devon Wildlife Management we use snap traps in a trap box with allergen free lures to attract the pests. These traps can be monitored visually, audibly or electronically giving you the protection you need at all times.

Garden and lawn pest are biologically controlled by using Nematodes. They are parasites which enter through any orifice and are target specific. They kill the pests  from within, they do not cause any harm to non target species, they are perfect for slugs which means no slug pellets, which in turn will help the hedgehogs.

Flying insects are caught in traps which is a very good way to control wasps and flies in areas that attract them. These traps can be used all year round, the wasp trap is perfect for controlling queen wasps early in the year when they are looking to create a nest.

We use monitoring systems to check for any new insect infestations.



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